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Ceiling Fan Rod Height Guide

Ceiling Fan Downrod Length Guide

Ever wonder how far from the ceiling to hang your fan? We've provided you with this Ceiling Fan Hanging Guide including this Downrod Height Guide. Use our chart below to choose the correct length for your ceiling fan downrod.

This information is provided as an example only. Results may vary.

For 9 feet, give at least 6 inches of clearance.
For 10 feet, give at least 12 inches of clearance.
For 12 feet, give at least 24 inches of clearance.
For 14 feet, give at least 36 inches of clearance.
For 16 feet, give at least 48 inches
of clearance.
For 18 feet, give at least 60
inches of clearance.
For 20 feet, give at least
72 inches of

Ceiling Height

Downrod Length

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